Apparently, of all the pesticide sprayed on the crop, only 1% of it actually falls on the insect. 99% of it falls on the crop itself, gets absorbed in the soil, and/or water, gets carried a little distance by the wind etc. In this manner it gets into our food and thereby into us. Nature has its own way of keeping a balance and therefore each of these pests which destroy our crops, also have predators. So broadly speaking there are two kinds of pests, Beneficial and Harmful pest.Pesticides don’t distinguish between beneficial and harmful pests. It’s a poison, which kills both alike. With growing awareness of health concerns and what to consumer, Every consumer is looking for contamination & adulteration free food, to avoid HEALTH RISKS associated with food. Many so-called lifestyle diseases & ailments are being attributed & also linked to chemicals in foods used on the farms as fertilizers & pesticides. Even in the UK, where the regulations are stringent, the use of pesticides was found to be very high. In India, many food products are today being laced with more poisonous toxic substances and it is increasing every day in all food products…

Adulteration in food products is another very important issue which every consumer wants to address and consume pure food. In almost all the food products adulteration not only in form of mixing of some other unwanted material is done but also food is adulterated in many other unknown ways, in channels from where it is harvested till it reaches us in packed form. i.e during processing, the way it is transported and in conditions it is packed. Organic ensures at each and every step right from its sowing to packaging that regulations are followed and food is in its pure and serene form.

Studies have shown that organic food products/ fruits are more sweeter/ nutritional and are tastier, better in quality as compared to the food products which are grown with chemical inputs.

Organic food is absolutely natural, fresh and packed with vital nutrients, pure, tastier and safer with Certifications and stringent food safety regulations.

Organic food protects from heart disease and cancer as they contain phenolic compounds Helps in building strong immune system, preventing from diseases and curing illness thus helps to lead a healthy life.

Organic fruits and vegetables contain up to 40% more antioxidants and figure is 60% for organic milk and milk products. Studies show higher nutrient levels in Organic foods and ensure high food quality. Organic foods have potentially higher amount of biotoxins and antioxidants.

According to a meta-analysis of 342 peer-reviewed studies, organic produce has antioxidant levels up to 69% higher than conventionally grown produce!